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Singapore – Telecommunication

Introduction :-

A telephone company, also known as a telecommunications operator or telco, is a kind of communications services provider that provides telecommunication services such as telephony and data communications access. In Singapore’s context, our telephone companies are also wireless carriers and function as internet service providers.

Currently, there are 3 major telcos operating in Singapore, namely Singtel, Starhub and M1. These companies have a combined market capitalization of S$66 billion and average a dividend yield of 5.8%. With telecommunications stocks being pitched as defensive stocks and favoured for their stable and attractive dividend yields, these stocks appeal to many investors as a means to diversify their portfolio.





Share Price




Market Cap

58.04 B

6.26 B

2.47 B

Dividend Yield

4.78 %

5.56 %

2.47 %

Over the last few years, mobile data usage has been increasing due to higher penetration rate and increased demand. The increasing connectivity between digital technologies and applications has resulted in new business opportunities for telecom companies to tap onto this rising data traffic. In order to keep up with the trend and meet consumers’ needs, telcos have to adapt their business model.

SingTel :-

SingTel is the best-known leading of the telecommunication industry. It is Asia's largest multi-market mobile operator and it is still growing. SingTel has had more than 120 years of operating experience and has played an integral part in the development of the city as a major communications hub in the region. It has driven the competition as the challenger brand and led the way in technological innovations and breakthroughs.

Over the years, SingTel has grown to be a global player with a strong regional heritage. The reason behind SingTel's success is that they based upon their customer focus. They listen to, and connect with, customers and treat them with dignity and respect. By understanding and anticipating their needs, they make it easy for their customers to do business with us.

With 100% customer satisfaction, SingTel aim to offer them value and quality services to enrich lives and enhance business success.

StarHub.com :-

StarHub Ltd. is the fast-rising challenger in the Singapore telecommunications market, placing second behind former government monopoly Singapore Telecom (SingTel). StarHub is also that market's only telecommunications group capable of providing the full range of telecommunications services, combining fixed and wireless telephone networks, cable television service, and broadband Internet access. As such, 75 percent of Singapore's population of one million households subscribes to at least one of StarHub's services, and nearly 30 percent of the population subscribes to two of the company's services. The company offers fixed line digital telephone service, as well as its own GSM and high-speed 3G cellular phone service, through StarHub Mobile. StarHub also has put into place international roaming agreements with some 13 countries worldwide. StarHub's share of the Singapore mobile market tops 30 percent. The company's cable television network is available to 99 percent of Singapore's population, and features some 50 channels, most of which are international channels. StarHub launched a digital television package in 2004 and, on a more limited scale, a Digital Terrestrial Television system, available to corporate customers. The only cable TV supplier in Singapore (which has banned satellite television services), the company boasts more than 400,000 customers. StarHub's broadband Internet access service piggybacks on its cable television network, offering the island's highest download speeds of up to 30 Mbps. The company holds more than 46 percent of Singapore's broadband market.

M1 :-

M1 is one of the three major full service communications providers in Singapore. It offers a suite of mobile voice-and-data communication services over its 2G/3G/3.5G/4G/LTE-A network, including international-call services to both mobile- and fixed-line customers. These include SMS, MMS, WAP, GPRS, 3G, 3.5G and 4G and was the first Singapore operator to launch a nationwide 4G LTE and 4G LTE-A network. It also offers prepaid mobile services, such as prepaid data plans, under its M Card brand. It is one of the operators in Singapore to offer a prepaid 4G service. In 2016, it launched the first wireless service for public buses called WiFi-On-The-Go. Also, Achieved 4G peak download speeds of more than 1Gbit/s, and peak upload speeds in excess of 130Mbit/s, through a collaboration with Huawei, reportedly Southeast Asia’s fastest combined upload and download mobile speeds.

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